Winning Wines: L’héritier d’ Alsace

Philippine Tatler | Feb 5, 2014

Etienne Hugel and Kaoru Matsukoshi


Hugel et Fils’ commercial director Etienne Hugel and his wife Karou made it a point to fly to the country to support its international distributor Wine Story as it hosted dinner events belonging to a series dubbed L’héritier d’ Alsace. Highlighting the legacy of Alsatian winemaking, the occasion was held at senju in Edsa Shangri-La Plaza and then Spiral in Sofitel Plaza the next day. The standout wines from Hugel et Fils which were uncorked for the dinner were all in clear synergy with Asian food.


 Damien Marchenay and Etienne Hugel


Patrick Schaub


Etienne Hugel


Laurent Bourgeois and Simon Cote


Matthieu Chapuis, Adam Laker, Etienne Hugel, Kaoru Matsukoshi, Carl Gagnan, Damien Marchenay


Adam Laker, Etienne Hugel